One of the operating functions of a manufacturing business that falls on the “expense” side of the ledger is inventory management. It is an important function that can have a big impact on your bottom line.

There are so many other aspects of a business that require constant attention, that inventory management is sometimes viewed as a necessary evil, and maybe not always given it’s proper due.

What is the cost of downtime due to material shortages?
What if you usual supplier is stocked out when you need something?
How much time, effort, and money is wasted from the “scramble” to find product at the last minute?
What is the true cost of surplus raw material inventory sitting on your shelf to guard against shortages?

What if you could eliminate these risks and worries?

Our V.I.P. service (Virtual Inventory Program) may well be the solution to these everyday challenges.

We can custom tailor a program to suit your exact needs. We will guarantee that you won’t need to deal with these costly, time consuming, and often stressful issues.

This can include day-to-day commodities, as well as more unique specialty items. Guaranteed to be there when you need it, every time! Dedicated inventory that is not dragging down your cash flow.

It’s like an extension of your warehouse that’s not breaking the bank.

Need to source something special or unique? Let us do it for you, and keep it on our shelf. It means you don’t need to deal with long lead times and minimum order quantities.

Give yourself a break! Let us take care of these important but time consuming issues so that you can focus on what you do best...keeping your customers happy.

Let’s talk about it today, and let your stress melt away!